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Unleash The Moon now Available for Pre-order! Intro Pre-order price: $2.99!

October 16, 2014


Unleash The Moon Pre-order Links:

Amazon Kindle US

Amazon UK

Please search other Amazon country stores separately. Pre-order should be available in all Amazon stores but India (which has no pre-order functionality at this time.)

Kobo Books (US store. Available at all Kobo Books worldwide.)

Google Play (US Store. Available for pre-order at all Google Play sites worldwide.)

Places where Pre-order is available but not on sale (Sorry! Believe me, if it was logistically feasible it would be.):

Barnes and Noble ($4.95) (Available at US, UK, European Union)

Smashwords ($4.95) (Available worldwide.)

Also check the Apple iBookstore if you shop there for pre-order.

Your card will NOT be charged until the day of release (November 5th), when the book is delivered to you.

Unleash The Moon Description Here.

Unleash The Moon Sneak Peek Excerpt Here.

Reading order for the complete Preternaturals Series (for those who would like to read them in order).


Unleash the Moon, the 6th and final book in the Preternaturals Series is now available for Pre-order. (This title can EASILY be read out of order with little to no problem since it occurs 26 years into the future from the end of Forbidden and as always each book focuses on a different couple.)

IMPORTANT: the $2.99 introductory pre-order price will only run THROUGH the release date: November 5th. Unlike other titles, this is not a “soft release” date. This book WILL be available and sent to pre-orderers ON November 5th and will be available for regular purchase on that date as well. (on penalty of losing my pre-order button privileges at Amazon. So I basically can’t lay around on the emo couch worrying that it’s not good enough and I should read it 20 more times like that’s going to make a large difference.) Update: All etailers now have final files and they are ready to release on release day.

Grab it now so you don’t forget when it’s live… and remember you won’t be charged until release day. Lock it in! :)

Thank you for reading and supporting my work!

What I’m working on next: Stay tuned for my dark paranormal serial. First season dropping Spring 2015.

Where Does The Pretverse Go From Here?

October 29, 2014

So a comment over on a guest blog I did for the Unleash The Moon blog tour has got me thinking about how well I communicate to my readers with regards to exactly “what is going on” with this world.

The problem is… it’s a BIG world. And when I say “The Preternaturals Series is over and Unleash the Moon is the final book in the series”… I think what readers hear is: “I am done with these characters and this world.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. By the time I’m finished, Zoe Winters and the word “Pretverse” will be synonymous. (And hopefully people will actually know and care what that even means.)

If it helps, you can think of The Preternaturals as the prologue to this world. It’s the BIG picture stuff. It’s sweeping broad brush strokes creating a big world with many different factions and dimensions. It’s introducing many of the “power players” of the world. But it’s not… we’re done with these characters now, C-ya!

It’s more like… “all my friends moving away”. The gang won’t really be together as “the gang” going forward.(Which makes me sad in my heart) But that’s because we are going to start laser-focusing in on things as I further develop this world.

Something I’ve learned from my other pen name is that where I really excel is in focusing in very closely on a smaller cast of characters. Managing 15 or 16 “major” characters in a book is just madness, and it’s hard to do them justice. I’m not an epic fantasy writer. I am not George R.R. Martin.

I’m Zoe Winters.

It doesn’t mean I can’t create big worlds or don’t love doing it (I do love it!) But it does mean that I’m most in my zone when I’m laser focusing on a few people at a time within a world.

And that’s where we’re going from here. The new upcoming paranormal serial is going to follow ONE main heroine through the dystopian world you’re introduced to in Unleash The Moon. There may be brief cameos of past characters, and a few things you clearly recognize, but it’s a different character in this big world.

BUT… in the future I have plans for a trilogy featuring Z and Fiona (and where they are AFTER the events of Unleash The Moon). I might also do a stand alone of things that happen in their life between The Catalyst and Unleash The Moon.

I have plans for a side novella or novel of a VERY minor character from Unleash The Moon whose backstory interests me and you have no idea about yet.

I have plans for more Hadrian and Angeline.

I have plans for more Cain and Tam in the demon dimension.

Bottom line… I ultimately have more plans for everybody and everything.

When I say I am not done with this world, I mean it. I’m in it for the long haul. I’m in it to win it.

Considering the way I’m building this world, and also the fact that I am not a BIG NAME AUTHOR… I cannot go about this in the way a BNA would do it. I can’t write a series with 32 books or more in it going straight in a row because people want to read things “in order” (And in some ways my world doesn’t really work that way, but it’s too hard to explain it in a sound byte, so I don’t even try). Additionally, while I don’t think Blood Lust is “bad” in any way, I’ve grown significantly as an author since I wrote it.

It’s not strong enough to lead readers through a commitment to a bazillionty books. And I know that.

So instead the plan is this… build this GIANT sandbox and this huge world to play in… release series (like The Preternaturals), serials (like the one coming this spring), stand alones with well-known and loved characters, trilogies, etc. All linking up together in the same world.

The readers who really commit to this series and to me, over the long haul will see the connections building and forming and how this links to that.

I appreciate all the trust my readers have placed in me. And I take it seriously. Everything is a trust-building exercise with readers. Finishing this first series is a big one. I will NOT leave you hanging. I will not abandon you. And if you read a book and think something “tragic” just happened that you’ll never forgive me for… remember where we’ve been and trust me on where we’re going. I will get you there.

Buckle in… we’re just getting started.

Unleash The Moon Blog/Facebook Tour and Giveaways

October 24, 2014

Pre-order has really helped me to gain focus for promotional activities and an order in which to do things. Right now I’m putting together my pre-pub and release day tour.

At this time I have a guest post (with giveaways of earlier books in the series) Scheduled for Monday, October 27th as well as one for Wednesday October 28th.

I also have a Facebook Takeover with giveaways of earlier books in the series as well as some SIGNED PAPER copies of Book 5: Forbidden (Because I have a lot of those in my book closet that for some reason I didn’t give away when Forbidden came out because I suck.) That is scheduled for October 31st from 8-10 pm Eastern Time.

Please stay tuned for these events for a chance to win free ebooks (and in some cases signed print books) of earlier titles in the Preternaturals Series Click here for reading order of the full and now complete Preternaturals Series


If you have a PNR focused book-related blog and would like to host me during my tour for a guest blog post with giveaways or for a Facebook takeover, Please contact me via this contact form.

Dates still available for Guest Blog or Facebook Takeover:

October 30th (Thursday) ETA: BOOKED
November 3rd (Monday)
November 4th (Tuesday) ETA: BOOKED
November 5th (Wednesday) (Release Day) ETA: BOOKED

Reading Order for Complete Preternaturals Series and Links

October 23, 2014

Dude. Just dude. I don’t know how you guys have even managed to figure out what order to read these in from my website. My “Books in the Preternaturals Series” page was a complete clusterfuck. Nothing organized. It looked like a third grader put it together. Things weren’t even LISTED in the right order. Completely counterintuitive. I guess I just think you guys are magic and can mystically discern this stuff. I don’t know how I expected to bring in new readers who had no idea what order things went in. No wonder I was getting so many emails asking me the reading order. Get it together, Z!

But NOW it is fixed. I redid the page listing the reading order at the top, then at the bottom instead of a bunch of clutter of book descriptions and links for each individual book on a bunch of different websites I linked to my author pages at all the various retailers. This is much more organized and will hopefully help readers navigate my catalog better. How this went on for so many years in this state… ugh. dude. But it’s fixed now.

Click here to see everything reorganized in a way that doesn’t make you want to stab your eyeballs out.

Unleash The Moon Sneak Peek (pre-order links at the bottom. New outlets added!)

October 23, 2014

Unleash the Moon Copyright 2014 Zoe Winters. All Rights reserved.

She should be more distressed by the general situation, but the anxiety over the wolf had been successfully distracting her over all the possible threats to her safety here. The magical humans were the real enemy. She knew that. But it was hard to keep that thought in the forefront of her mind when the wolf kept growling and watching her like she was a bone he wanted to gnaw on.

Finally, the tension eased and he shifted back to his far-too-gorgeous human form. This guy had to be working out somehow because nature didn’t just give somebody muscles like that. Jacob had spent hours in the compound’s gym every week, and yet even he hadn’t been this delicious-looking.

Sydney’s hand flew to her mouth when she realized her fangs had popped out. Did she want to sleep with him or have him for dinner?


He wasn’t the only predator here. Too bad nature hadn’t given her anything to back that up with.

The werewolf noticed her gawking and came to the edge of his cube, the closest he could get to her. He stood in all his naked glory staring her down until she averted her eyes. God, Syd, what is wrong with you?

If the attraction were mutual, maybe he wouldn’t try to break through the glass and maul her, but the hard look in his eyes gave her little hope of that. She glanced surreptitiously through the veil of her blonde hair to watch him turn and move to his clothes in the center of his cube. She tried unsuccessfully not to ogle his back and his ass and the back of his thighs. Stop, Syd!

She was stopped from further angering the wolf or embarrassing herself beyond repair by the too-happy robotic voice. “Number 5857B, please prepare to exit your cell for daily exercise.”

The glass door on her cube slid open. But then, so did the door to the right of her… 5856. The wolf. His eyes glowed as he glanced over. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. There was no longer any barrier stopping him from coming into her cube. Was that how the previous occupant had gone out? It hadn’t been lost on her that the wolf was just 5856 and she was 5857B. They weren’t exactly subtle around here.

But then warm air that smelled like raspberries hit her in the face, and suddenly for some reason she felt very calm and peaceful.

The robotic voice spoke again: “Please follow the glowing arrows to the exercise yard, and remember to play nice with your friends.”

The word friends, snapped her out of the calm enough to think yeah, right. She wasn’t sure why she’d had that mental break for a second where everything was roses and chocolate hearts, but she was mostly back to normal. The tension of moving in a single file line with the rest of the preternaturals who were far stronger than her was more than enough to shake any sense of peace she’d felt.

She followed the glowing arrows and the werewolf in front of her. His white T-shirt practically glowed against his olive skin. Just underneath where the fabric ended on his arm was a black tattoo with the number 5856. Sydney guessed it hadn’t been a voluntary tattoo and was thankful she didn’t have one. Yet.

As they walked down the hallway, she couldn’t help being mesmerized by the way his muscles moved under the shirt as he walked. She wanted to lick… no bite… no stroke…

The wolf in front of her growled, startling her, and her face flamed. His back was to her. How in the hell could he know she was thinking inappropriate things about him?

Sense of smell. Oh yeah. Wow, this was mortifying. Sydney blushed even harder and was thankful when they reached the open air of the exercise yard. The moon was waxing. It would be full in just a couple of days. She wondered if she’d have to come out here with therians when that happened.

They’d all have to shift under the moon; they wouldn’t be able to control or stop it. What if the wolf came after her then? Maybe if she talked to him. Maybe she could diffuse the situation somehow. Maybe when he was in wolf form he’d remember she was a friend and not food.

She followed him to the edge of the yard and tapped him on the shoulder. “Excuse me.”

He rounded on her and growled. “WHAT?” That dangerous glow was in his eyes again.

“I-I’m Sydney.”

“No,” he said with a nasty sneer, “You are 5857B. And you’d better get used to it.”

She couldn’t believe she’d been attracted to him just minutes ago. More than just threatening and intimidating, out here where he could talk to her, he was just plain unpleasant.

“Well, sorry,” she mumbled. “I just thought we didn’t have to hate each other.” Because I was hoping maybe then you wouldn’t go psychotic on me later.

Sydney took several steps back as he moved into her space.

“Let me be the one to educate you about things here. We are not going to be allies. You will never speak to me again. And if you have any sense in that stupid blonde head of yours, you won’t attempt to call attention to yourself with any of the others, either. You are an abomination. We smell your weakness, and everyone in this yard wants to rip you apart to undo the mistake your idiotic parents made. Stay the fuck away from all of us or learn the consequences of being what you are.”

Sydney was stunned into silence. It wasn’t as if she thought they were going to cuddle on the couch for movie night or anything, but she also hadn’t expected such acidic words from someone who didn’t even know her.

“GO!” he growled, pointing to the far end of the yard.


Noah watched Sydney scurry away from the other prisoners. Good. Now if she could do that for just one more night because two nights from now, he was busting them out. She hadn’t recognized him. But of course, she wouldn’t. Her sense of smell wasn’t as developed as his. And he’d changed so much from when they were kids. Then again, she had, too. She’d transformed from a child into a woman, and the looks a few of the others gave her as she passed, left no doubt.

He growled. He’d never get out of here with her. And he’d chew his own arm off before he left without her.

If he hadn’t been sure before, he was sure now. Sydney was his true mate.

Just before he’d been kidnapped, Noah had asked his dad about mates. The words Cole had spoken would never leave him: “You can take anyone you want for a mate, but a true mate is determined by blood and destiny. She’s out there somewhere. You’ll be happier if you listen to the instinct and don’t try to mark anyone but her.”

(official release date November 5th. This is a definite release date. Retailers already have final files.) $2.99 pre-order and release day sale not available through Smashwords, Apple, or Barnes and Noble (due to delays with premium distribution with Smashwords and the fact that Nook still doesn’t allow pre-order outside of using Smashwords.) However, the $2.99 pre-order price is available at: Google Play, Amazon, and Kobo Books.

Kobo Link for $2.99 Unleash the Moon pre-order. Click Here. (I think that’s the US store, but it’s available pre-order on sale in all countries Kobo is sold.) Link for $2.99 Unleash the Moon pre-order. Click Here. pre-order link. Click Here. (Note that all Amazon stores except for India have a pre-order button and the price is the exchange rate price that matches up with the $2.99 price.)

Google Play $2.99 pre-order link. Click Here. (Note that the non-US Google Play stores also have pre-order, and it is also on sale at the exchange rate.)

Links for Pre-order where there is no sale and it is regular retail: $4.95:

Smashwords link. $4.95. Click Here.

Barnes and Noble Link. $4.95. Click Here. (Believe me, it annoys the crap out of me that Nook does not yet have a more direct way to get a pre-order button. If they did, I could offer you the sale here. Nook is behind the ball on everything they do.)

I’m not sure if it’s up at Apple ibookstore yet. The ibookstore completely mystifies me. But if it’s not there for pre-order yet, it will be.

Thoughts on The Preternaturals Series Ending

October 20, 2014

Wow. So this morning I woke up and it really hit me that Unleash The Moon is the last book. It’s like having all your friends move away. I started Kept (the first novella in Blood Lust) in 2007. And here we are, seven years later. That’s a long time to spend with characters.

I think I’ve been a tiny bit in denial about it because I plan to continue writing in this world. I made a big sandbox to play in, and there are so many side trails I can go down and things I can explore. And given how “key” many of the heroes and heroines are from this series in this whole world I’ve created, there is a good chance some of them may occasionally make a cameo in the future, or at least get mentioned.

So that has kind of made it “a softer goodbye”, but dude, I’m a little sad.

Looking over the series, I feel like this last book gives things a sense of completeness, showing how all these couples came together (usually through a tie to somebody else), and how they ultimately all play a vital role in where we end up and where their world ends up (which is really an introduction into the dark paranormal serial I’ll be writing next.)

In a way I feel like the overarching series is about Anthony, though. (Even though Cain will always be my favorite.) Anthony appears in the very first scene in Blood Lust (in Kept), and he’s in the very last scene of Unleash the Moon. And he’s in every single book in a key plot way except Save My Soul. He often drives the plot, usually as the antagonist/villain, but very occasionally in a heroic or semi-heroic way.

Unleash the Moon focuses on the relationship between Anthony and Charlee’s daughter, Sydney, and Jane and Cole’s son, Noah. (One of the fun things about Unleash The Moon is that you get to see Anthony being an overprotective father. And he does parenthood about like you’d think he would… very bull in a china shop about it.)

This is the first title of mine that has a specific definite release date (at least for Amazon and Kobo), and not a soft release date like previous titles.

If you are interested in seeing where this series ends up (and if you are just jumping on, you should be able to read the 6th book out of order with no big troubles since the front story, the main plot of each book, is about a different couple), click here for more information and links for the pre-order.

Unleash The Moon is on $2.99 introductory pre-order sale (regular retail: $4.95). Sale will go only through November 5th. (Release day).

Blood Lust, the first book in The Preternaturals Series is currently free at Kobo, Amazon, and Google Play. So if you are new to my world and you aren’t sure whether or not it’s your thing… grab the first book free. (There seem to be a lot of books out there called Blood Lust, so remember it’s the Zoe Winters one.) :)

Thanks for reading!


The Complete Preternaturals Series in Order:

Book 1: Blood Lust
Book 2: Save My Soul
Book 3: The Catalyst
Book 4: Life Cycle
Book 5: Forbidden
Book 6: Unleash The Moon

And here is my Amazon Author Page: Click here to see my full list of titles on Amazon.

(Actually, no… it’s been EIGHT YEARS since I started this series! I just remembered I wrote Save My Soul first for Nanowrimo in 2006. It was only when I was in the third novella in Blood Lust that I realized Cain was an integral part of this world and I’d already introduced him in Save My Soul… but… hadn’t published SMS yet. Blood Lust (Kept, Claimed, Mated) got pubbed first, so SMS became book 2, and then book 3 started tying both of them together further. Wow, I’m like an old dude telling war stories here. Don’t mind me.)

Unleash The Moon, Preternaturals Book Six: Title, Blurb, and Cover Art Reveal

October 7, 2014

I can now share more about the 6th book in the preternaturals series.

Title: Unleash the Moon

Official Release Date: November 5th, 2014
Now Available for Pre-order.


… Can two souls trapped in separate cages ever find each other?

Twenty-six years have passed since the link between heaven and earth was severed and all hell broke loose. The fighting raged until the human magic users took over the cities, driving most of the preternaturals into hiding.

This is the world Sydney Burgess has grown up in, locked inside her father’s compound. As the daughter of a human mother and a vampire king, she has all the weaknesses of a vampire but none of their strengths. Anthony keeps her on a tight leash, ever-vigilant against the constant imagined threats to her safety. But all she wants is to break free and start a real life.

Noah Riley has lived in captivity for the past twenty years, so long he barely knows how to be a werewolf anymore. Even with a photographic memory, most of his past before the facility feels fuzzy at best. His strongest memories are of the little girl he protected during his childhood: Sydney. When he reaches his full power on his twenty-eighth birth moon, he’ll have a chance to break free to find her and finally reunite with his family.

But vampires and werewolves are mortal enemies. Even if Sydney is Noah’s true mate, the vampire king would kill him before he ever let a filthy werewolf near her, especially one of questionable sanity.




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