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Life Cycle Now Available!

July 24, 2012

Life Cycle can be read as a stand alone even though it’s book four. To learn about the other books in this series, go here.

Buy links, short excerpt, description, and book trailer below the cut.

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The paperback retails at $13.95 but some sites may have a sale. You can also order a copy through your local physical bookstore:

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PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Though Life Cycle is book 4 in the Preternaturals series, it can be read out of order with no problem.


Immortality can be a bitch…

Tamara has lived nearly two thousand years, trapped by a spell of her own creation. Hunted by her enemy and former lover, she knows there is only one man strong enough to release her from the curse. But will Cain honor her death wish, or keep her for himself, whatever the cost?

Two ancient souls. Two weary fighters, torn between love and hate, forced to decide if the other could be worth living for.

Heat Level 3 of 5.
Some sexually explicit content and innuendo.



“Are you sure this is how you want to engage with me, Tam? Do you know what my demons would have done to you if I hadn’t stopped them? They are very loyal. You don’t attack me here. Maybe in your silly human world, but not here.” He spoke without raising his voice at her. His tone was level. His eyes didn’t even glow, but they didn’t have to.
The energy ball faded and died in her hand. “You promised you’d kill me. Before you got to my house, I was going to come find you because I thought you’d do it.”

A look of surprise crossed his face, but he covered it. “And that promise still stands.” He moved toward her and stroked her cheek. “I will kill you when I tire of you. And there is nothing you can do about it. Throwing energy balls at me will only make me disinclined to put you out of your misery. Just enjoy the ride, sweetheart. You’ll die soon enough… when I get bored. Believe me, that’s never taken longer than a week. Surely you can struggle through a week of passion with me.”

Every fiber in her being screamed to kill him, not that she could. The second best option would be to seal him in a jar and bury it in the middle of his desert where no one would ever find it—an option she was considering.
“I’m not going to be your concubine.”

A smirk. “Of course you are. What other option do you have?”

Smug bastard.


Books in the Preternaturals Series:

1: Blood Lust (novellas: Kept, Claimed, Mated)
2: Save My Soul
3: The Catalyst
4: Life Cycle

Preternaturals Shorts:

Dark Mercy (prelude to Hadrian and Angeline’s full story in the upcoming book 5) (novella)
Cat Fight (short story


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